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Bullet Proof Showers

There is something about a tiled shower that appeals to the homeowner who is looking for a luxurious retreat from daily life.  However, ceramic tile and the grout between the tiles is not waterproof, just water-resistant.  To be used effectively, tile needs to be installed over a waterproof membrane.  This membrane needs to not only be on the floor but all the way up the walls.

Waterproof membranes can be thought of as house wrap for your shower.  Not only do they prevent moisture and vapor from penetrating to the shower walls causing damage such as rot and mold, they act as an ideal surface to adhere tile to.

The leading manufacture of shower membrane systems is Schluter Systems.  They manufacture a complete shower waterproofing system as well as other innovative tile products.

Innovative Kitchens and Baths  exclusively uses their system, thereby assuring that your shower will last a lifetime.