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Bathroom Options

It’s not easy to design a bathroom that is free-flowing, simple yet elegant, and easy to clean at the same time.

Home renovation expert Bob Villa recommends sheet vinyl for the floors. If you must have tile, use the one-foot squares so there is less grout to clean.

Tile is a good choice for walls because it resists mildew and staining.

The bathtub:  Assess the individual bathing habits of your family. An expensive whirlpool tub won’t be necessary if your family mainly takes showers. A standard bathtub can be jazzed up with shower accessories like a seat, multiple shower heads or pulsating body sprays.

The toilet: Chair-height toilets are widely available. Buy one that claims to save water and is quiet. If you have small children, put a lower toilet in the second bathroom or half-bath.

The sink or sinks: Before installing two sinks, consider how the bathroom is used. If only one person at a time uses it, only one sink is needed, allowing for more counter space for accessories or a beautiful plant.  Select an under-the-counter sink so there is no raised ridge along the edge.

Or you may choose one of the  new vessel sinks. They look like a big bowl standing on the countertop. One decorator used glass under the vessel sink. It was painted the color of choice on the reverse side. The cost was far less than the price of a granite countertop.

A bidet: Freestanding bidets are popular in Europe, but not in the United States. Those who like them could choose a toilet seat with the bidet included. Many, such as the TushyClean offered by Jacuzzi, can be seen on the Internet. They are simple to install.